Friday, December 13, 2013

A Lesson in Marriage and Humility.


I came into the office to find this old piece of desk or cubicle with a post it saying "Trash". My first thought was to grumble about why didn't he just leave it at the trash? What do we need this for? We have enough junk laying around already!





Oh, to kick this stupid habit of being thoughtlessly critical.

As I began to really look at and consider it, I realized why he brought it home. He brought it home because he is thoughtful, he is considerate, he loves me, and he is WAY too good for me. He brought it home because my legs are too short to reach the floor when I sit at the computer desk and need some sort of foot stool. I have been using this old bag of carefresh for who knows how long.



It sufficed.


Now, because of my loving husband, I have a proper foot stool. A FRUGAL, FREE, RE-PURPOSED, PERFECT foot stool.


And I am grateful; humbled.


I love you, Mikeness.