Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blog Envy

I have blog envy. I read several blogs daily and the blog designs are beautiful, their content readable and entertaining. These ladies have got it going on!

And I…don’t. Not yet. I am still on Blogger with a bare bones understanding of how it works, using one of their templates and back ground designs. All of my content is owned by Google as soon as it’s posted. The niche of my blog is still personal, with a touch of body positive. I have big dreams. Realistic dreams, I don’t expect to ever have this huge following, landing me on The Talk because my post about Thursday night dinner was so fabulous it had to be televised.  Yet, I am not comfortable to make the investment to get off Blogger until I have proven to myself that I am committed to the blog and to keep writing it. All too often in the past, I catch fire with some idea or project or hobby, only to get bored and distracted, dropping it, unfinished, in a corner somewhere. In a few months, say 6 months of consistent blogging, I may make the jump to my own domain and server using probably wordpress, if I haven’t discovered something better. Until then, I shall read beautifully written and designed blogs, wistfully wishing mine looked this good.


Here are some of my favorites:

A little nepotism goes a long way. My cousin’s blog:

A touch of whimsy mixed with vintage inspiration:

This girl loves cupcakes and has awesome glasses:

Katelyn is probably the most professional and blog centric blogger I read. I am in love with her page layout:

Gotta give a shout out to my favorite personal blogger, Sarah Wilson. Her content is entertaining and intelligent making her everyday life such a joy to read.  Check her out:


These are the enviable ladies I look to, to fuel my passion. They each and every one are beautiful, intelligent, passionate and readable. Check them out, give them some love, tell them Trace sent you.


  1. Thought about going to WordPress? I used to blog on Blogger, but found it was feeling limited to me.

    There are two versions of WordPress - the free one & the one you pay for. I do the free, but I do pay for my domain name (the thing). Started off with it just being the standard one issued by WordPress & then "upgraded" when I felt I could & should.

  2. I made it on your list! *squee!!

    It's okay - I use Blogger, too. :) I think I am going to upgrade to a legit domain, though. is what I'm going with. My friend is using them. I think he's using a Wordpress theme for his blog... I'll probably switch over to that as well. There are more options than with Blogger, and it has a more clean feel. At least from what I've seen.

    1. Yep I am going with wordpress and I will check out namecheap. My cousin, Cass used GoDaddy, so I'll look in to them as well.

      I believe I'll be sticking with the blogging, but I have to make sure. No use in investing money in something I am not going to stick with.