Monday, August 19, 2013

Salad Week!


I am dropping a note here because it is salad week! I am participating with my two cousin-in-laws, hence forth simply cousins, in a linked up salad week. So everyday, we will make a salad, describe it, show a picture, and link to the blog’s of the others.


Cass over at Lulu’s Whimsy already has hers up for today. Randi at Abounding Joy has hers planned and will be posting later, as will I. My salad will be a bit run of the mill today, as I am not up for going to the grocery. I mean it was a morning where I was preparing my coffee, got distracted, took care of my distraction, came back and freaked out because I thought my coffee maker was broken. There was only about a cup of coffee in the carafe. I smacked it and shook it and just freaked out. No more coffee was being made! OMG WHAT WILL I DO! Turned around and spotted my already full coffee cup. *facepalm* So yeah, probably not wise to go in public today. lol


At any rate, I’ll make a blog post this evening after we have prepared and consumed our simply delicious salad.


  1. I am glad you don't operate heavy machinery.

    1. In my defense, I hadn't been awake very long and am not high functioning until I have had my coffee. Simply not a morning person. =)