Sunday, July 28, 2013

So this happened…


Aren’t you so in love with it! I did a craptastic job of coloring it, but I am still so happy with the out come. It is a bit streaky and uneven, with blonde showing here and there, but I feel so…beautiful. It’s amazing what a little change will do for a person. Funny thing is, we are planning to go to church in the morning, for the first time, if I can get my arse out of bed. Totally suck at that. I am determined. With purple hair! Hey, I can worship God and chill out with Jesus with purple hair. =P


Mike is a wonderful husband, as he helped me do my hair and is willing to be seen in church with me like this. Gotta love him!


Have a wonderful Sunday, y’all!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I simply love it. I know I will do it again and again in a variety of ways. But I HAD to do purple first. Tis my favorite, if you can't tell.

      Thanks for visiting, hope you come back often! =)

  2. I dyed my hair for a year. Pink, blue, purple, green, was so much fun. I recommend going to a school - there is a Paul Mitchell: The School close to me and I could get my hair bleached, dyed, shampooed, cut, and styled for under $50 - including the tip. It was so worth it. Word of warning: it takes about a decade for them to do all of that. But the one time I got my hair dyed at a legit salon it was over $100.

    1. I have been considering getting it done professionally. I am cheap tho. We do have school's here, one campus even in my town, but I have yet to check them out. I also have a friend who is a cosmetologist. She is probably not too happy about me doing this myself. lol Mayhaps I'll talk to her soon.


  3. Really love the hair btw. Also, how was the trip to church?

  4. Thank you! I have been doing some research on what to use and how to care for it. It is something I am definitely doing again. So excited!

    Yeah still didn't make it. For once, I am wishing they still did church in the evenings. lol But Imma fake it till I make church. lol