Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to Be A Fat Bitch #1: You Are Not Giving Up.

Hell no I am not giving up, I am just getting started! I am just starting to love myself in a real, deep, and tangible way. I am just starting to embrace my body for all that it is. I am just starting to really look in the mirror and see. See my body and how it looks in the clothing I choose to wear. No sir, I am not giving up by FINALLY accepting myself and every single inch of who I am. I am just starting to LIVE! (At 38 years old, it’s about damn time too!)


How to Be A Fat Bitch #1: You Are Not Giving Up.
Assignment: Write down 5 things that you are going to do that make you happy. Not "even though you are fat" but because you are fat and awesome. 5 things that have nothing to do with trying for the sake of others. 5 things for yourself and your well being. Like "go out dancing and actually dance", "throw away my scale", "make something yummy and bring it to work to share", "join a yoga class" and "wear that tight leopard skirt". Blog it, Instagram it, Tweet it (#fatbitchecourse, #nearsightedowl), etc. and share it in the comments below. EXTRA CREDIT: Do some of them!

1. Dye my hair Purple! Accomplished!
2. Make a habit of walking an hour a day or riding my stationary bike.
3. Sort out and build my blog.
4. Read more.
5. Write every day.

Discussion: How do you deal with people that make assumptions about you based on being fat? Is the best revenge to live well and be happy? How do you feel about the concept of there being a "good fatty" and a "bad fatty" perceived in society?

I haven’t experienced any obvious, blatant, assumptions being made about me in regards to what I can or cannot do based my weight in any recent memory. However, I often wonder if people correlate their perception of my intelligence with my weight. I am not certain it happens, but it has crossed my mind. If I were to experience some in-my-face sizeism, my first instinct is to immediately internalize the entire situation. Then I will start up my mental merry go round, putting a piece of the incident on each and every horse on the damn thing, turn it on and let it run. Sometimes for hours, days, weeks at a time, depending on the severity of the situation. If a trusted loved one is around, they will be lucky enough to get to listen to me dissect the situation ad nauseum. It is a fruitless endeavor. I should take up running, maybe that would help.

I didn’t know there was such a concept as being a “good fatty” and a “bad fatty”. For those of you who also don’t know, here’s the skinny. A “good fatty” is a fatty who is trying. Trying to lose weight. All. The. Time. As long as they are dieting, exercising, working at losing weight, and apologizing to the world for being fat, they are a “good fatty”. A “bad fatty” is someone who does none of these things. Especially not apologizing for existing. In my opinion, those fatty’s are the best fatty’s on the planet. I am proud to finally be one of them. 

Yes. The best revenge is to live well and be happy. (Or to put fire ants in their sock drawer.)

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