Thursday, April 18, 2013

April is Bipolar

Today has been a very happy day.

We tried for hours last night to get The Sims 3 to work on my machine. The problem is actually a software design problem. But it is also part with my computer as it has a tiny RAM. (2.33G usable) It has a giant hard drive tho. (1T) My computer is over compensating.

Anyway, after hours of applying little fixes and tricks to get around the problem and allow my game to save, I give up and decide to install the game on Mike's computer. HIS RAM is very nice indeed, weighing in at a nice 8G. While having much RAM will not solve the problem, it will take longer for the problem to show up, even tho it is inevitable. EA sucks. (Electronic Arts, the current owner/developer of The Sims franchise.)

I get up this morning and proceed to install the game on to Mike's machine. I have my coffee and power bar and am settling in to have a quiet easy day of it. I send Mike my "Good morning, I love you!" text and he texts me, telling me it's alright to put the Sims on his machine (>.>) and that I can go get the University Life Expansion if I want too. (I had been debating hard over this as it costs $40 and I don't like to spend that much on frivolous things anymore.) Once he gave me his blessing, I decided to pick it up. So I got to texting Jenna to see if she would be home, as I had loaned her my copy of the previous expansion, Seasons, and would need it back to install. She would be there, I hopped in the shower and took off to Jenna's.

At Jenna's I printed a coupon and watched some Power Puff Girls, totally falling in love with the show. I had watched it before, when I was much younger, and felt "subjected to nonsense". Today, I just giggled my arse off. I am a fan now. If anyone else if a fan, Jenna is Bubbles. 'Nuff said.

Jenna watches the little girl of our friend, Joe. Her name is Lydia and she is precious. Apparently, she likes me. When I had to leave today, she played very sad. It was adorable and so heart warming.

Left Jenna's and went to Target. I had coupons for a few items that were on sale and I picked those up, then headed over to electronics to grab University Life. I had hoped there might be a sale on or a get $5 Target gift card with purchase, but no luck. It was time to check out, so I looked for a good cashier. I had seen a young man at a register, but as I approached him, his line was full with people waiting and the one next to him was the same young woman I had on Friday with the Great Axe Debacle. So I turned my buggy around and chose a nice cashier named Donna. She rang up all my purchases and while I was handing her my coupons, I noticed my total seemed rather low. But all my items had been scanned so, I let it go. She scanned my coupons and a couple of the Target coupons gave me trouble again, but she simply double checked my purchases against the coupon specifics and pushed my coupons through, as I met the requirements. NOTE: Never go through the line of a young female cashier. They just tend to be very legalistic about it all (which is good, I am not a scammer) but they are too insecure to push past when the computer is simply being a butt. Anyway, I digress.

Once my transaction is finished, my total is WAY low. I pull my buggy to the side and examine my receipt. Much to my bowled over surprise, this is what I see:

University Life rang up half off! What?

I was so happy I could have danced. I think Target and it's patrons are happy I didn't. I immediately took this pic and texted it to Mike.

When I got in the car to come home, it was snowing. Tiny little ball ice snow, but snow all the same. It was storming yesterday. This has been a crazy April.

On my way home, I decided to pop in to CVS and see if their BOGO on Gevalia coffee was worth getting. I did the math and, yes it was a good deal, as I had 2 $1.50 off coupons. Then I picked up some hair color for which I had a Get Free coupon. I also snagged some Nivea Shave gel that with my coupons and CVS deal, would be free and give me back $2.

Take a guess as to how much all this cost me. Just guess. Betcha can't. 


The receipt on the left says, $0.50 and the one on the right says $2.99.

I was like a kid in a candy store. I actually DID do a little dance in CVS. I got home and ran up the stairs to Mike and said something to the tune of, "Couponing is AWESOME!" Then I showed him all the loots from Target and CVS. Couponing has really changed the way I shop. I don't understand why more people don't do it, to be honest. They would SAVE SO MUCH MONIES!

My Target Loot. Total paid: $29.28, total saved: $36.36.
Prices after coupons:
Eyeshadow: Free
Granola bars: $0.75 per box
Balance Bars: $0.49 each
CoffeMate: $0.25 each
Skillet Sauce:$0.29
Bread (no coupon): $2.69
University Life: $19.99

Mike helped me wash up the dishes, since it is a Dreaded Task in our house. I am so grateful that he is willing to help me. Then I shooed him upstairs so I could prepare dinner. Little did he know, it was actually an attempt to burn the house down. 

Apparently, I do not know how to BOIL WATER without nearly destroying the pot and my stove. We concluded that I probably had the heat too high with the possibility that the plug in for the stove eye is faulty. At any rate, when I discovered the blackened pot, smoke, embers in the burner plate, I began to yelp for Mike, who promptly came down and saved the day. Then he checked the stove and washed the blackened pot. After concluding that all was probably ok, the man did the dumbest thing ever, he went back upstairs and ALLOWED ME TO CONTINUE COOKING! What is wrong with him? The Beef Lo Mein was tasty.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I didn't want to apologize for this, because I am an adult...but I think actually being an adult is what is making me apologize.

I posted  a link to my theme song. Which is a totally funny and awesome song, but very salty in language. I should have thought better and posted a cleaner version of the song. So, I apologize to those of you who were offended by the is a clean version.

I promise it isn't ALL about couponing.

I have been procrastinating.

There has not been too much going on, except for what has been going on, which isn't much, really.

On Friday, I went out to Target on whim, to try to find some good deals on baby clothes. It seems to be raining babies around here. While I was there, I of course had to look for some deals and I thought I had found an excellent one. I came across some Axe products on clearance. They were packs of spray and body wash with bonus deodorants. I had 4 $1 off mfc coupons and 2 $2/2 target coupons. Plus I had a free Axe face wash when you buy 4 Axe products. So I pulled all the coupons and tossed 4 of the clearance items in my buggy, then scooted back to the hygiene section and picked up the face wash. It was going to be a SUPER deal! I was so excited.

As I made my way to the baby section, I had the thought in my head, "Put those back you don't need them." I had been dealing with myself about being careful in my shopping, as it can be a very exciting thing, to go shopping and find so much for so little money. It's rather addicting, really. I want to be mindful and careful and just because I can get a $4 item for $0.75 doesn't mean I have to. Many couponers create a stock pile of items and they have them on hand at all times. I believe in having a small stock pile, this way your needs are always met, but I have not the space nor the desire to keep a large stock pile. Also, my main goal in couponing, is not just to get good deals, but to save money. Meaning, spending less on a monthly basis, not spending the same but bringing home more stuff. So I haven been think/praying and trying to reign myself in.

I think I may need to get some more dish soap.

On this occasion, I didn't listen to the thought. I rationalized the purchase as not that expensive, and I know enough guys to give it away as gifts. No big deal, right?

Along I go, on my merry way and finish up my shopping.

When it's time to check out, I pile all my loots on the belt and then excitedly wait to hand the girl my coupons. (Second thought I ignored of note: I looked at the cashier I chose and looked at the next one down, a young man, and chose the girl against my better judgement. When couponing, always choose a young man to be your cashier, if at all possible. They are the easiest to work with.) She is scanning my coupons and gets to the Axe mfc coupons. *Beep Beep Beep Beep* They all go through. Then she comes to the Buy 4 Get One Free coupon and I get the dreaded *BOOP*. The noise the computer makes when it doesn't want to accept your coupon. So we look it over and try to determine what is wrong and then we wave over a manager and they determine that because I am buying clearance items, that they do not qualify for the get one free coupon. *sigh* Whatever, it's alright. So we void the face wash from my ticket and proceed to run the rest of my coupons. Very next coupon, $2/2 Axe Target coupons *BOOP*. UGH, what now? We wave the manager back over, it's because it's a bundled clearance item, blah blah blah. (But I've used these types of coupons on clearance items before! Remember the Olia Hair Color?) I am turning red with embarrassment now, so I just tell her to void all of the Axe items and forget the whole thing entirely. I finish up my transaction and leave. As I sit down in the car, it hits me full force. God was trying to tell me something and I ignored it as my being over paranoid and I didn't listen! Well God decided to wake me up. He said don't buy it and He meant it. I sat there in the car stunned for a few moments. It gradually became awe, then turned to joy. I didn't care that I lost out on a great deal, I didn't care that God cared about my shopping habits, I cared that God cared enough about me to SHOW me that He still communicates with me and cares enough about me to teach me, if I will just listen.

I couldn't wait to get home and tell Mike about this awesome experience.

On Saturday, Mike and I went out shopping for a laser printer and a desk chair. We had to stop back at Target first, as I made it home with only one baby sock and $4 extra on my receipt. I determined that the girl had neglected to void the 4 Axe coupons off my ticket and I needed to pay Target what I owed them. I love Target and I find great deals there, I don't want to mess up that relationship or the financial blessing I believe we are receiving, by keeping money that doesn't belong to me. So we stopped in and got a new pair of socks to exchange. After making the exchange, I pointed out that I owed Target $4 and explained what happened. The girl told me there was really no way for them to work it so I could pay them back. She said unless you have those coupons that we could turn in to the manufacturer, there would be no way to make up that money. I had a feeling about needing to bring those coupons with me, and I did. I listened. I handed her the coupons and left with a clear conscience.

We had lunch at Pho K&K here in town, then went to Staples. We found a printer we liked, but wanted to look around for the best price. After going to Sam's, OfficeMax, and Best Buy, we finally made our purchase at Office Depot. I highly recommend them. An employee did not pass us without asking if we needed any assistance. I kid you not at least 5 or more times, we were approached and offered help. In this economy, with all the cut backs, you can barely find help when you go looking for it, much less having it come to you. Office Depot was awesome. We bought a Brother HL-2240 Laser Printer for $74.19 after tax.

On Sunday, I set my alarm to get us up in time to make the 10:30 service, which I promptly turned off and went right back to sleep. ONE of these Sundays, I will have gotten enough sleep to get up! I am terrible, I know. We had plans to grill over at our friend John's place and we were an hour late for that even. He is kind enough not to mention it. We all had good steak and good conversation for hours on a Sunday afternoon. He told us stories about his house hunting and I shared coupon tips. All in all it was a good time.

Today, Wednesday, it has stormed and rained all day. It's getting colder and may very well snow some tomorrow. WTF April? I thought you were supposed to be getting us warmer? Actually I kind of like it, but I am getting tired of the cold. I am just ready for warmer, prettier days.

Took Jenna out to get our "free" lunches at Panda Express today. I mean our "free entree's". They made us pay $2.50 for rice! Since when do you pay extra for rice? *grumbles*
We chatted and visited, then went back to her house for more of the same. We dug through a box of broken glass and cook books, then I painted my nails. Jhenn showed up with Lucian to play with Lydia and food for dinner. Many innuendo's about pounding meat flew around. All in all it was a good time.

Came home determined to fix this STOOOOOPID problem with The Sims 3 and it's memory hogging. We have researched and applied several fixes, to only minimal effect. Why oh why can't a company produce a decent product and if they don',t why can they not fix it? This is a vast problem with the game, rendering it unplayable for many people. It isn't just a "your system is too old to run the game" problem, it's a problem that nearly everyone who plays will have to contend with. If you have more RAM, it will just take a longer time for you to encounter the error's. *headdesk*

Oh well, I have rambled on for long enough.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


This is Charlotte Belle. 8lbs 6oz

                                                                                                                 And that's her daddy, Jeremy.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Luluswhimsy is having a baby!

My cousin Jeremy and his wife go in tomorrow to welcome home Charlotte Belle! So happy for them and hope and pray everything goes smoothly!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Jenna wanted me to share this...

It speaks for itself.

Big Ass (Raving) Coupon Post

It all began as a child, way back in the 80's, when I went shopping with my mother. I would wander around the grocery store, getting lost more often than not. I would go back and forth across the store, looking down every aisle until I found her. If that didn't work, I would go to the front doors and look for her car, making sure she hadn't left me. As always and much to my relief, my mother had not left me at Newman's grocery store. Then I would mosey over to the service desk and have my mother paged. Because you know, I simply could not find her. It's a wonder after years of my doing this, she didn't just leave me one day and fly off to her freedom. I was cute, I am sure someone would have adopted me.

Where was I? Oh yes, coupons. By the time she was finally able to check out, her buggy would be full of groceries. FULL I tell you! We would be rung up, my mother handing over a stack of coupons, and if everything worked out alright, we'd leave having only spent about $20. Or less. A FULL BUGGY! $20! OMG! I WANT those days back!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, my brother-in-law Jake, is spending a weekend with us and decides to watch Extreme Couponing. I had seen this show before and had been mildly inspired, but I soon forgot about it. But this weekend, it kind of stuck. I had been thinking a lot and praying a little about our financial situation. In recent months we had already began to take measures to cut back, tighten the purse strings, stop eating out, stop leaving the house at all, to save money. I was again looking at my job prospects. (Which with no formal secondary education and 15 years of being a house wife, is all McDonald's here I come!)

A few days after Jake left, I was having another sleepless night and decided to watch some more of the show. The more I watched the more I thought, you know, I can do this myself. If nothing else I can save  little bit of money, right? As I do in my mind, I kind of "thought prayed" and remembered that we get these pink free shopping papers every Saturday. I went out side to see if there were any and I kid you  not, there were coupons scattered up and down over the sidewalk and grass. I ran around at 4 am in the freezing cold, gathering them all up along with the 4 or 5 other shopping papers lying around and took them inside. Lo and behold the shopping papers come with the Sunday paper coupon inserts! It was like a sign from God and a coupon gold mine all at once. Thus, my coupon frenzy was born.

*Clip Clip Clip*

I clipped and organized my coupons until sunrise. I had this cute lil red coupon purse thing that I found at Goodwill a year or so ago and put my coupons into it. After my first shopping trip, that thing had to go. I really needed a zippered 3 ring binder. But we'll get to that.

I then googled couponing and landed here. This kind of set me on my way. It gave general and good advice, suggesting things I had not thought of, especially the part of letting go of brand loyalty and changing your thinking. Later, I discovered and Diva Desirae. I tend to lean toward Collin over at Hip2Save, but they are both pretty good. Also I am beginning to look at Krazy Coupon Lady. Between all these sites, you have the help you need to start couponing yourself. Also if you use Facebook, you can "Like" Hip2Save and Diva Desirae, plus look up couponing groups for your own area. Ex. I am part of IowaCouponers on Facebook.

I scored my first awesome deal from a post made by Diva Desirae. She posted that would send you a free pair of glasses if you entered a coupon code upon check out. After doing some research I decided to try it out. Totally worked! I got a free pair of glasses for about $15 shipping! I wasn't just taking advantage either, I needed new glasses, as the coating had scratched off my current pair and was making my vision a lil foggy in one eye. I figure I saved us about $200.

Like them?

                                                                                                     I do!

My next deal, I put together at Target. Mike and I had just stopped drinking soda and was on a kick of drinking Sobe Lifewater. Good stuff! Target had a sale, of get 10 for $10 get a $5 gift card back, making them 10 for $5. We bought them a couple other things and a toddler toy for his niece, Olivia. Target stacks coupons. Meaning if you have a Manufacturer's Coupon (MFC) and a Target coupon for the same item, you can use both. This is stacking. The toy I bought was originally priced at $19.99 but was on sale for $15.19. I had an MFC for $5 off and a Target cpn for $5 off. Stacked it made the toy all of $5.19. Then I rolled over my $5 Target gift card and paid a total of $0.80 for the toy! ($0.19+tax)

  Pretty Awesome!

Then it was time for me to get my zippered coupon binder together. This is one of those little blessings that God has provided along the way. I began shopping around for said binder and even on clearance at WalMart, they were $10-$12. Too expensive. I kept looking around and one Sunday, Mike offered to go thrifting with me. We went to Goodwill on the west side of town. After looking around a very frustratingly crowded store, Mike and I found one! $2.99 baby! I got some baseball card inserts and put it all together. This is the result:
Pretty neat, huh?

Another shopping trip I had, sealed the deal for me. (As if the previous hadn't already. Heh) 

Mike is a very patient and kind man when it comes to shopping with me. It helps that he is a rare breed of man that actually likes to go shopping. He and I went out intending to hit Walgreens and Target. Which we did. We went to Walgreens first, because I wanted to try to score some free cereal and look over the vitamins that were on sale. I did not find the free cereal, but I found some vitamins on clearance which I also had a $3 off cpn. The reg. $9.99 vitamins were on clearance for $6.99. This isn't a bad deal at all. However, as I looked them over, I wanted to wait and see what Target had to offer. So I did. Mike and I left and went over to Target.

Good deals were had at Target. I don't remember them all, but here is a picture.
Oh yes! Those toothbrushes ended up being $0.10 each! (This picture did not include the food items also purchased this trip. It's important to remember when I tell you the total on down.)

After Target, not finding the vitamins and still wanting to score the free cereal, Mike and I headed over to the other Walgreens, close to our duplex. (He is so patient to consent to my request.) 

At the 2nd Walgreens, I still do not find the free cereal, so I go in search of the clearanced vitamins. When I spot them I nearly break out in tears. I turned to Mike and said, "Mike! Look! Do you see that?" It was God, it had to be. At this store, the clearance price was $4.99, making them $2 a bottle after my $3 cpn! I got $20 worth of vitamins for all of $4!

We raced home! I had to look over my receipts and see what my savings were. I checked them once, I couldn't believe it and I think I checked them again. I had brought home $90 worth of products and only paid $40 total! WOWZA

I tell you people, I am a couponer for life! And make no mistake, God is guiding me the whole way.

Here are some other deals I have scored:
Scored these at Target. They were on clearance for $2.24 each. I had a Target cpn for $1 off one and a Target cpn for $3 off two. Making them $1.24 for one and $0.74 for two. I am set to cover my grey's for the rest of the year!

This deal was crazy. I had printed off a $10 off any Norelco shaver and was waiting for a good sale or something to crop up. I had come across this one on Hip2save about it being around $15 at WalMart. So I go have a look see and picked it up. It was sitting in a different spot, so I wanted to make sure of the price and when I self scanned it, it came up $3! Holy Cow! $3? Really? So I dropped it in my buggy. When I got to the check out, the lady at the register had the same reaction and called over a manager. She was said, "$3? I should get myself one!" I then showed her my coupon and asked her if it was okay to use. She said sure! Folks, I got this for FREE +$7 overage on my total. Basically, Norelco paid me $7 to take this out of the store! 

Be sure and watch your details on your coupons! The coupon I had for these was $1.50 off one with no size restrictions. They were $1.98 each at WalMart, making these $0.48 each!

Ok, I'll stop raving about my coupon habit now. I hope y'all enjoyed it!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Popping on to say Hi.

STILL haven't made the big post I want to yet, but I'll get around to it soon enough, I hope. If I don't procrastinate.

We are going to check out a church in the morning. Prairie Ridge here in Ankeny. I hope it is a good one. I haven't been to church in a looooooong time, save a couple trips here and there with family. My reasons for not being in church are my own, but I am feeling drawn to try it again. I would like to say I am drawn to Prairie Ridge, but it might just be a case of, Hey! there is a church that looks non-denominational, let's have a look see.

Trying to talk about my spiritual journey feels so difficult to put into words, that if I begin, this blog post will drone on for ages. So to put it succinctly, God and I-OK, Jesus and I-had our bumps but I think we are OK too, organized religion and I-don't care for it. So, we'll see. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wipe Out!

Seriously mentally drained. I am in total derp mode and I am making so many little mistakes it's not even funny. Ex. Went to WalMart to do a price match on some Scott TP. HyVee had a sale and was out. Got to WalMart, went in had my buggy and my coupons out....realized I didn't have the HyVee flier to prove the price match. Plus I had-OMG-Left My Coupon Stack At Home! I had pulled out coupons I had wanted to use there and paper clipped then together, as you do, and left them on my desk. I zipped up my binder, turned and left. *shakes head*

I'll make my big coupon post soon....intended to do it tonight. I just...can't. Tomorrow hopefully, but soon.

Love y'all.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And so it goes, ramblingly. (I think I just made up that word.)

I am exhausted. Completely and totally wiped out. The fact that I am actually posting tonight is some sort of miracle or perhaps insanity. Insanity I think, as Mike is rubbing his butt on me right now. I may have to set fire to this shirt. But I digress.

We got Stephanie half way moved in to her new apartment. Oh! I forgot, she signed the lease this morning. WHEE! We were delirious with joy, then promptly came home for naps. Which never really happened for me. You would think lying in bed reading the interwebs on your phone quietly for a couple of hours would give you some rest, but it really doesn't.

We moved three car loads of her crap crafting supplies, clothes, sewing machines, make-up, dog toys, cat toys, what-nots and sleeping mats. She and I are going to have to get get down to some master level organization to make it all fit and work. May have to call in the big guns, and if Mike can't do it we'll have to call his momma. If it were left up to me alone, her two closets would look like the cartoon of the lil kid who was told to clean up his room and he is pushing the closet door, sweating, hoping it shuts I would have it perfect.

Steph has been through the wringer these last few weeks. She is a strong girl. Crazy, wild, but strong and beautiful with a good heart. She deserves every joy this life has to offer and I hope she discovers them all.

I want to give a shout out to my husbandish for putting up with and supporting not one, but two very stressed out females for two solid weeks. The man deserves a medal. And a tall beer. And...well...this is a family show.

I also have to give a shout out to my girl Jenna. She was there to listen to me cry and have road rage and coupon like a mad woman and bitch and moan and try to apply make-up while STILL CRYING. Every woman needs a friend like that. Thank you, Jenna, for being there.

And to Steph, I love you. You have opened my heart in a place I had shut. Take this new start and fly.

I love all y'all.


Rated PG-13, probably not grandmother approved, completely hilarious!

Well at least I think so. =P

Yesterday  being April the 1st, it was of course April Fools Day. My friend Crissy posted a message on FaceBook, asking for a few people to help her with an April Fools prank. Being the fun loving girl that I am, I jumped to volunteer. She asked me to call her place of employment, a beauty salon, and ask them if they did pejazzles. She wanted me to go into detail about what I wanted. So I agreed, the whole time thinking to myself, what in heck is a pejazzle?

Google is my friend.

A pejazzle is a design created with stick on jewels. The name is an offshoot of the Bedazzler, this hand held device that crimps plastic jewels onto clothes. The name also indicates exactly where this dazzeling adornment goes.

                                                                        A pejazzle.

I laughed my arse off! I then texted Crissy and told her I'd have to have my coffee before I could pull this off.

I set out to make my coffee and began to think about what I could say. Stephanie and I tossed around some ideas until we hit upon one that made me laugh for about 5 minutes straight. Armed with a cup of coffee in my system, I picked up the phone, dialed the number, and in my thickest southern accent, I began.

Ring Ring

"Smart Style, may I help you?"

"Yeah, I heard y'all do pejazzles, how much does one of them cost?"

"Excuse me?"

"A pejazzle. How much do you charge?"

"Um, what is a pejazzle?"

"Oh? A pejazzle is a decoration for men, like a vajazzle on women, you know where you use them sticky plastic jewels to decorate down south, you know, on yer hoo hah, but for guys."

"Ummmm, no we don't do that."

"Aww well I heard y'all did. That's too bad cause I wanted to get my guy pejazzled. I was gonna have y'all put a unicorn design right at the bottom of the shaft, but leave off the horn, so when he got excited, he'd complete the horn! But since y'all don't do that, I'll have to find somewhere else. Thanks!"


That made my day. Poor girl, Crissy said it was probably her manager that answered and that she gets flustered and blushes rather easily. I hope she laughed at least. I know it entertained me for hours!

Hope y'all had a fun April Fool's Day!

Moving Day

Tomorrow is going to be part one or maybe the only part of moving day. We sign Stephanie's lease int he morning and hopefully get her moved in that evening! Yay! This has been a long hard road for her and I am so proud of her for getting on her feet!

The long and short of it is, my friend Stephanie had to exit an abusive relationship suddenly. Like, she came for a visit and couldn't go back home from the threats. So we took the police, got her pets and her stuff and left. Fast forward to now, in the two weeks she has been here, she has done so much work and had a few miracles and tomorrow will be in her own place. Such a grand accomplishment! Difficult but good.

Monday, April 1, 2013

So I may suck at this...

for awhile. I am an old lady and my brain doesn't function as well as it used to. Like I just tried to back space to correct something and it took me back two pages instead. WTF blogger? lol

I started this blog to copy cat my two cousins in law. LadyShepherd and LulusWhimsy are married to my two brothers cousins. After having our bi-annual very lengthy (on his part) conversation with my cousin Jeremy, I felt so much desire to try to connect with my family. So here is me, copy catting and attempting to connect via the virtual universe.

Will it work?
Who knows? This girl sure doesn't seem to.