Sunday, April 7, 2013

Popping on to say Hi.

STILL haven't made the big post I want to yet, but I'll get around to it soon enough, I hope. If I don't procrastinate.

We are going to check out a church in the morning. Prairie Ridge here in Ankeny. I hope it is a good one. I haven't been to church in a looooooong time, save a couple trips here and there with family. My reasons for not being in church are my own, but I am feeling drawn to try it again. I would like to say I am drawn to Prairie Ridge, but it might just be a case of, Hey! there is a church that looks non-denominational, let's have a look see.

Trying to talk about my spiritual journey feels so difficult to put into words, that if I begin, this blog post will drone on for ages. So to put it succinctly, God and I-OK, Jesus and I-had our bumps but I think we are OK too, organized religion and I-don't care for it. So, we'll see. 


  1. *sigh* I failed. I was up WAAAAAYYY too late and couldn't drag myself out of bed at 9 or even 9:30 to make it on time. But, next week or every week thereafter until I make it to the service. I'll let you know.