Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I promise it isn't ALL about couponing.

I have been procrastinating.

There has not been too much going on, except for what has been going on, which isn't much, really.

On Friday, I went out to Target on whim, to try to find some good deals on baby clothes. It seems to be raining babies around here. While I was there, I of course had to look for some deals and I thought I had found an excellent one. I came across some Axe products on clearance. They were packs of spray and body wash with bonus deodorants. I had 4 $1 off mfc coupons and 2 $2/2 target coupons. Plus I had a free Axe face wash when you buy 4 Axe products. So I pulled all the coupons and tossed 4 of the clearance items in my buggy, then scooted back to the hygiene section and picked up the face wash. It was going to be a SUPER deal! I was so excited.

As I made my way to the baby section, I had the thought in my head, "Put those back you don't need them." I had been dealing with myself about being careful in my shopping, as it can be a very exciting thing, to go shopping and find so much for so little money. It's rather addicting, really. I want to be mindful and careful and just because I can get a $4 item for $0.75 doesn't mean I have to. Many couponers create a stock pile of items and they have them on hand at all times. I believe in having a small stock pile, this way your needs are always met, but I have not the space nor the desire to keep a large stock pile. Also, my main goal in couponing, is not just to get good deals, but to save money. Meaning, spending less on a monthly basis, not spending the same but bringing home more stuff. So I haven been think/praying and trying to reign myself in.

I think I may need to get some more dish soap.

On this occasion, I didn't listen to the thought. I rationalized the purchase as not that expensive, and I know enough guys to give it away as gifts. No big deal, right?

Along I go, on my merry way and finish up my shopping.

When it's time to check out, I pile all my loots on the belt and then excitedly wait to hand the girl my coupons. (Second thought I ignored of note: I looked at the cashier I chose and looked at the next one down, a young man, and chose the girl against my better judgement. When couponing, always choose a young man to be your cashier, if at all possible. They are the easiest to work with.) She is scanning my coupons and gets to the Axe mfc coupons. *Beep Beep Beep Beep* They all go through. Then she comes to the Buy 4 Get One Free coupon and I get the dreaded *BOOP*. The noise the computer makes when it doesn't want to accept your coupon. So we look it over and try to determine what is wrong and then we wave over a manager and they determine that because I am buying clearance items, that they do not qualify for the get one free coupon. *sigh* Whatever, it's alright. So we void the face wash from my ticket and proceed to run the rest of my coupons. Very next coupon, $2/2 Axe Target coupons *BOOP*. UGH, what now? We wave the manager back over, it's because it's a bundled clearance item, blah blah blah. (But I've used these types of coupons on clearance items before! Remember the Olia Hair Color?) I am turning red with embarrassment now, so I just tell her to void all of the Axe items and forget the whole thing entirely. I finish up my transaction and leave. As I sit down in the car, it hits me full force. God was trying to tell me something and I ignored it as my being over paranoid and I didn't listen! Well God decided to wake me up. He said don't buy it and He meant it. I sat there in the car stunned for a few moments. It gradually became awe, then turned to joy. I didn't care that I lost out on a great deal, I didn't care that God cared about my shopping habits, I cared that God cared enough about me to SHOW me that He still communicates with me and cares enough about me to teach me, if I will just listen.

I couldn't wait to get home and tell Mike about this awesome experience.

On Saturday, Mike and I went out shopping for a laser printer and a desk chair. We had to stop back at Target first, as I made it home with only one baby sock and $4 extra on my receipt. I determined that the girl had neglected to void the 4 Axe coupons off my ticket and I needed to pay Target what I owed them. I love Target and I find great deals there, I don't want to mess up that relationship or the financial blessing I believe we are receiving, by keeping money that doesn't belong to me. So we stopped in and got a new pair of socks to exchange. After making the exchange, I pointed out that I owed Target $4 and explained what happened. The girl told me there was really no way for them to work it so I could pay them back. She said unless you have those coupons that we could turn in to the manufacturer, there would be no way to make up that money. I had a feeling about needing to bring those coupons with me, and I did. I listened. I handed her the coupons and left with a clear conscience.

We had lunch at Pho K&K here in town, then went to Staples. We found a printer we liked, but wanted to look around for the best price. After going to Sam's, OfficeMax, and Best Buy, we finally made our purchase at Office Depot. I highly recommend them. An employee did not pass us without asking if we needed any assistance. I kid you not at least 5 or more times, we were approached and offered help. In this economy, with all the cut backs, you can barely find help when you go looking for it, much less having it come to you. Office Depot was awesome. We bought a Brother HL-2240 Laser Printer for $74.19 after tax.

On Sunday, I set my alarm to get us up in time to make the 10:30 service, which I promptly turned off and went right back to sleep. ONE of these Sundays, I will have gotten enough sleep to get up! I am terrible, I know. We had plans to grill over at our friend John's place and we were an hour late for that even. He is kind enough not to mention it. We all had good steak and good conversation for hours on a Sunday afternoon. He told us stories about his house hunting and I shared coupon tips. All in all it was a good time.

Today, Wednesday, it has stormed and rained all day. It's getting colder and may very well snow some tomorrow. WTF April? I thought you were supposed to be getting us warmer? Actually I kind of like it, but I am getting tired of the cold. I am just ready for warmer, prettier days.

Took Jenna out to get our "free" lunches at Panda Express today. I mean our "free entree's". They made us pay $2.50 for rice! Since when do you pay extra for rice? *grumbles*
We chatted and visited, then went back to her house for more of the same. We dug through a box of broken glass and cook books, then I painted my nails. Jhenn showed up with Lucian to play with Lydia and food for dinner. Many innuendo's about pounding meat flew around. All in all it was a good time.

Came home determined to fix this STOOOOOPID problem with The Sims 3 and it's memory hogging. We have researched and applied several fixes, to only minimal effect. Why oh why can't a company produce a decent product and if they don',t why can they not fix it? This is a vast problem with the game, rendering it unplayable for many people. It isn't just a "your system is too old to run the game" problem, it's a problem that nearly everyone who plays will have to contend with. If you have more RAM, it will just take a longer time for you to encounter the error's. *headdesk*

Oh well, I have rambled on for long enough.

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