Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wipe Out!

Seriously mentally drained. I am in total derp mode and I am making so many little mistakes it's not even funny. Ex. Went to WalMart to do a price match on some Scott TP. HyVee had a sale and was out. Got to WalMart, went in had my buggy and my coupons out....realized I didn't have the HyVee flier to prove the price match. Plus I had-OMG-Left My Coupon Stack At Home! I had pulled out coupons I had wanted to use there and paper clipped then together, as you do, and left them on my desk. I zipped up my binder, turned and left. *shakes head*

I'll make my big coupon post soon....intended to do it tonight. I just...can't. Tomorrow hopefully, but soon.

Love y'all.

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