Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And so it goes, ramblingly. (I think I just made up that word.)

I am exhausted. Completely and totally wiped out. The fact that I am actually posting tonight is some sort of miracle or perhaps insanity. Insanity I think, as Mike is rubbing his butt on me right now. I may have to set fire to this shirt. But I digress.

We got Stephanie half way moved in to her new apartment. Oh! I forgot, she signed the lease this morning. WHEE! We were delirious with joy, then promptly came home for naps. Which never really happened for me. You would think lying in bed reading the interwebs on your phone quietly for a couple of hours would give you some rest, but it really doesn't.

We moved three car loads of her crap crafting supplies, clothes, sewing machines, make-up, dog toys, cat toys, what-nots and sleeping mats. She and I are going to have to get get down to some master level organization to make it all fit and work. May have to call in the big guns, and if Mike can't do it we'll have to call his momma. If it were left up to me alone, her two closets would look like the cartoon of the lil kid who was told to clean up his room and he is pushing the closet door, sweating, hoping it shuts I would have it perfect.

Steph has been through the wringer these last few weeks. She is a strong girl. Crazy, wild, but strong and beautiful with a good heart. She deserves every joy this life has to offer and I hope she discovers them all.

I want to give a shout out to my husbandish for putting up with and supporting not one, but two very stressed out females for two solid weeks. The man deserves a medal. And a tall beer. And...well...this is a family show.

I also have to give a shout out to my girl Jenna. She was there to listen to me cry and have road rage and coupon like a mad woman and bitch and moan and try to apply make-up while STILL CRYING. Every woman needs a friend like that. Thank you, Jenna, for being there.

And to Steph, I love you. You have opened my heart in a place I had shut. Take this new start and fly.

I love all y'all.


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