Thursday, April 18, 2013

April is Bipolar

Today has been a very happy day.

We tried for hours last night to get The Sims 3 to work on my machine. The problem is actually a software design problem. But it is also part with my computer as it has a tiny RAM. (2.33G usable) It has a giant hard drive tho. (1T) My computer is over compensating.

Anyway, after hours of applying little fixes and tricks to get around the problem and allow my game to save, I give up and decide to install the game on Mike's computer. HIS RAM is very nice indeed, weighing in at a nice 8G. While having much RAM will not solve the problem, it will take longer for the problem to show up, even tho it is inevitable. EA sucks. (Electronic Arts, the current owner/developer of The Sims franchise.)

I get up this morning and proceed to install the game on to Mike's machine. I have my coffee and power bar and am settling in to have a quiet easy day of it. I send Mike my "Good morning, I love you!" text and he texts me, telling me it's alright to put the Sims on his machine (>.>) and that I can go get the University Life Expansion if I want too. (I had been debating hard over this as it costs $40 and I don't like to spend that much on frivolous things anymore.) Once he gave me his blessing, I decided to pick it up. So I got to texting Jenna to see if she would be home, as I had loaned her my copy of the previous expansion, Seasons, and would need it back to install. She would be there, I hopped in the shower and took off to Jenna's.

At Jenna's I printed a coupon and watched some Power Puff Girls, totally falling in love with the show. I had watched it before, when I was much younger, and felt "subjected to nonsense". Today, I just giggled my arse off. I am a fan now. If anyone else if a fan, Jenna is Bubbles. 'Nuff said.

Jenna watches the little girl of our friend, Joe. Her name is Lydia and she is precious. Apparently, she likes me. When I had to leave today, she played very sad. It was adorable and so heart warming.

Left Jenna's and went to Target. I had coupons for a few items that were on sale and I picked those up, then headed over to electronics to grab University Life. I had hoped there might be a sale on or a get $5 Target gift card with purchase, but no luck. It was time to check out, so I looked for a good cashier. I had seen a young man at a register, but as I approached him, his line was full with people waiting and the one next to him was the same young woman I had on Friday with the Great Axe Debacle. So I turned my buggy around and chose a nice cashier named Donna. She rang up all my purchases and while I was handing her my coupons, I noticed my total seemed rather low. But all my items had been scanned so, I let it go. She scanned my coupons and a couple of the Target coupons gave me trouble again, but she simply double checked my purchases against the coupon specifics and pushed my coupons through, as I met the requirements. NOTE: Never go through the line of a young female cashier. They just tend to be very legalistic about it all (which is good, I am not a scammer) but they are too insecure to push past when the computer is simply being a butt. Anyway, I digress.

Once my transaction is finished, my total is WAY low. I pull my buggy to the side and examine my receipt. Much to my bowled over surprise, this is what I see:

University Life rang up half off! What?

I was so happy I could have danced. I think Target and it's patrons are happy I didn't. I immediately took this pic and texted it to Mike.

When I got in the car to come home, it was snowing. Tiny little ball ice snow, but snow all the same. It was storming yesterday. This has been a crazy April.

On my way home, I decided to pop in to CVS and see if their BOGO on Gevalia coffee was worth getting. I did the math and, yes it was a good deal, as I had 2 $1.50 off coupons. Then I picked up some hair color for which I had a Get Free coupon. I also snagged some Nivea Shave gel that with my coupons and CVS deal, would be free and give me back $2.

Take a guess as to how much all this cost me. Just guess. Betcha can't. 


The receipt on the left says, $0.50 and the one on the right says $2.99.

I was like a kid in a candy store. I actually DID do a little dance in CVS. I got home and ran up the stairs to Mike and said something to the tune of, "Couponing is AWESOME!" Then I showed him all the loots from Target and CVS. Couponing has really changed the way I shop. I don't understand why more people don't do it, to be honest. They would SAVE SO MUCH MONIES!

My Target Loot. Total paid: $29.28, total saved: $36.36.
Prices after coupons:
Eyeshadow: Free
Granola bars: $0.75 per box
Balance Bars: $0.49 each
CoffeMate: $0.25 each
Skillet Sauce:$0.29
Bread (no coupon): $2.69
University Life: $19.99

Mike helped me wash up the dishes, since it is a Dreaded Task in our house. I am so grateful that he is willing to help me. Then I shooed him upstairs so I could prepare dinner. Little did he know, it was actually an attempt to burn the house down. 

Apparently, I do not know how to BOIL WATER without nearly destroying the pot and my stove. We concluded that I probably had the heat too high with the possibility that the plug in for the stove eye is faulty. At any rate, when I discovered the blackened pot, smoke, embers in the burner plate, I began to yelp for Mike, who promptly came down and saved the day. Then he checked the stove and washed the blackened pot. After concluding that all was probably ok, the man did the dumbest thing ever, he went back upstairs and ALLOWED ME TO CONTINUE COOKING! What is wrong with him? The Beef Lo Mein was tasty.



  1. EVERYONE says I'm Bubbles! lol
    I wish I could get into couponing like you have, but I tend to just be forgetful. I can do an online deal, but not if I have to remember to bring something with me to a physical store.

    1. Get a zippered binder to store your coupons in and carry it with you. It will help you keep them together. Make lists and pull your coupons out before you go to the store. Paperclip them together and put them in the front of your binder. This is the way I do it and it helps me keep track of everything. I have them and my notebook with the rest in case I run across an item I want but didn't pull the coupon for. I have my binder and can pull the coupon right then. I will teach you. It's really a matter of just getting into the habit. I also keep the weekly ads for all the stores in the binder, usually, then if I need to price match something, the ad is right there. =)