Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rated PG-13, probably not grandmother approved, completely hilarious!

Well at least I think so. =P

Yesterday  being April the 1st, it was of course April Fools Day. My friend Crissy posted a message on FaceBook, asking for a few people to help her with an April Fools prank. Being the fun loving girl that I am, I jumped to volunteer. She asked me to call her place of employment, a beauty salon, and ask them if they did pejazzles. She wanted me to go into detail about what I wanted. So I agreed, the whole time thinking to myself, what in heck is a pejazzle?

Google is my friend.

A pejazzle is a design created with stick on jewels. The name is an offshoot of the Bedazzler, this hand held device that crimps plastic jewels onto clothes. The name also indicates exactly where this dazzeling adornment goes.

                                                                        A pejazzle.

I laughed my arse off! I then texted Crissy and told her I'd have to have my coffee before I could pull this off.

I set out to make my coffee and began to think about what I could say. Stephanie and I tossed around some ideas until we hit upon one that made me laugh for about 5 minutes straight. Armed with a cup of coffee in my system, I picked up the phone, dialed the number, and in my thickest southern accent, I began.

Ring Ring

"Smart Style, may I help you?"

"Yeah, I heard y'all do pejazzles, how much does one of them cost?"

"Excuse me?"

"A pejazzle. How much do you charge?"

"Um, what is a pejazzle?"

"Oh? A pejazzle is a decoration for men, like a vajazzle on women, you know where you use them sticky plastic jewels to decorate down south, you know, on yer hoo hah, but for guys."

"Ummmm, no we don't do that."

"Aww well I heard y'all did. That's too bad cause I wanted to get my guy pejazzled. I was gonna have y'all put a unicorn design right at the bottom of the shaft, but leave off the horn, so when he got excited, he'd complete the horn! But since y'all don't do that, I'll have to find somewhere else. Thanks!"


That made my day. Poor girl, Crissy said it was probably her manager that answered and that she gets flustered and blushes rather easily. I hope she laughed at least. I know it entertained me for hours!

Hope y'all had a fun April Fool's Day!


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